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Underwear & BasicsUnderwear & Basics

Underwear & Basics

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This might be the comfiest underwear you’ll ever own. Start your day right with our women's underwear sets, seamless underwear and basics, to feel supported for workout and rest days. Experience the perfect blend of soft fabrics with ultra-comfy designs in both our cotton and seamless underwear styles. Our underwear is the epitome of everyday comfort and made to help you hit that PB.

34 Products
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    Underwear & BasicsUnderwear & Basics

    Underwear & Basics


    Women's Workout Underwear and Seamless Underwear

    Seamless underwear for every body

    For a pre-workout ritual that shouldn’t be missed, step into unbelievable comfort with our range of seamless underwear for women. Crafted with breathable and stretchy materials, our seamless underwear fits like a glove for a barely-there feel under your workout clothes – trust us, you’ll hardly remember they’re there. Whilst our cotton underwear offers the softness you’d expect in a true workout companion..

    Whether you're heading to the gym, running errands, or lounging about at home - you'll find comfort in our women's underwear range, thanks to super soft fabrics and flattering fits that will leave you feeling full of confidence.

    For a modern take on a traditional boxer, check out our seamless boxers which combine a sculpting high-rise fit with seamless contouring, to give a flattering yet second-skin feel with maximum coverage. Alternatively, our seamless thongs are sleek, lightweight and minimalistic, as well as having a flattering high-rise fit. Pair with a seamless bra for underwear set that’s as versatile as it is comfortable. Uncomfortable underwear? Never heard of her.

    What is seamless underwear?

    Seamless underwear is designed to have minimal seams, especially when compared with a cut and sew product. Created with seamless technology, seam-free underwear helps to keep you comfortable by reducing the irritation and discomfort that can come with unwanted seams.

    What are the benefits of seamless underwear?

    Seamless underwear has a range of benefits that you can enjoy whether you’re working out or chilling out. Minimal seams reduce the chance of annoying issues, like chafing, that can come with traditional underwear (something you don’t want whilst hitting the gym or on a run) allowing you to focus on your workout without any unwanted distractions. Whether you’re sweating your way through a HIIT circuit or gaining distance on a run, our women’s seamless underwear has a close fit, with soft materials sitting smoothly on top of your skin to help you go the extra mile. Combined with supportive and breathable materials and you have the workout underwear that can be worn on rest days too.