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    Rest Day SlidesRest Day Slides
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    Rest Day SlidesRest Day Slides
    m 5 / w 6
    m 6 / w 7
    m 7 / w 8
    m 8 / w 9
    m 9 / w 10
    m 10 / w 11
    m 11 / w 12
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    Slider Shoes

    Slider shoes are the ultimate rest day footwear, whether you’re chilling about the house, running errands, sitting back by the pool or want something easy to throw on for those sunny days. 

    Gymshark Slides

    Gymshark slider shoes offer comfort and style. They’re designed for those days you want to swap out your trainers for a more relaxed vibe. They’ve been crafted with a contoured and textured foot bed to ensure all-day support, robust foot strap to help your foot stay in place and a unique sole pattern for extra grip.

    Styling Slider Shoes

    Gymshark sliders can be worn with any outfit. For ultra-comfort, pair your sliders with sweatpants and a hoodie or sweatshirt. Oversized will give an even cosier touch to your ‘fit. On warmer days, effortlessly put your slider shoes with a pair of shorts and your favourite t-shirt.


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