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Padded Sports Bras

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    Padded Sports Bras

    Our padded sports bras combine both style with functionality, offering you support and a stylish fit. Perfect for any workout, our padded sports bras feature sweat-wicking fabrics that help to draw moisture away from the skin to keep you comfortable and dry. Meanwhile, breathable fabrics keep you fresh throughout your workout, so you can focus on crushing that new PB.

    Our collection of padded sports bras spans a huge range of shapes and styles. From racerback to high neck, as well as colours from classic black padded sports bras to pinks, greens and everything in-between. So, you can find something that represents your style and has you feeling ready to take on any challenge.

    What are padded sports bras?

    A padded sports bra contains a layer of padding that sits on the bust. This padding usually sits inside a moulded cup, which together can offer extra support and cushioning. Padded sports bras can also enhance the bust, offering some physique flattering benefits too.

    Types of padded sports bras

    Sports bras with removable padding

    Here you can find a range of sports bras with removable padding. The removable pads allow you to adjust the bra based on your preferences, whether that’s the weather, your mood or the type of exercise you are doing. So, if you want to be padding-free for a yoga session in the sun, you can, or if you would like that extra coverage for a run on a chilly day, you can have that too!

    Sports bras with sewn in padding

    With sewn in padding, the pads stay secure and fixed in place. So, no matter whether you’re squatting, box jumping or doing burpees you can feel comfortable knowing the padding in your sports bra won’t budge.

    Padded sports bras vs non-padded sports bras

    When it comes to our padded vs non padded sports bras, there are many similarities. Both come in a wide variety of styles so you can create a look that you love. Plus, you can find a range of support options across them both, ranging from low up to high. However, the key difference, as the name suggests, is the padding.

    Padded sports bra’s offer a little more coverage and sometimes a lift and boost to your boobs. The layer of padding can make the bust look fuller, and depending on your aesthetic preferences this may be something you would prefer or something you might like to avoid.

    Sports bras with padding may use compression, which will compress your boobs against your chest, and/or encapsulation, which you can often find on padded sports bras with moulded cups. Encapsulation uses a cup for each breast that separates and supports them individually.

    On the other hand, Non padded sports bras don’t have padding, and use compression only by pushing the breasts into your chest. As these tend not to have moulded cups, they can adapt easily to breast shape and size variation. So typically, a non-padded sports bra may offer you more flexibility if your breast size fluctuates often. However, we our innovative dual-cup padded sports bras can effortlessly accommodate to size fluctuation, as they fit two cup sizes! So, the B/C will fit a size B or C, meaning you can enjoy the perfect fit with a padded sports bra too.

    Some may find that non-padded sports bras can keep you cooler during a sweaty workout session due to having thinner material, however our padded sports bras have been created with breathability and temperature control in mind.

    Which is better a padded or non-padded sports bras?

    As with most of our clothing, it really is down to personal preference! Each has its own set of benefits that will vary between each different workout. You may prefer a padded bra for a HIIT session and a non-padded bra for a lifting session, or the other way around. It really is totally subjective.

    How to style padded sports bras

    You could wear a padded bra on its own with a pair of shorts for a sweaty session, or on a chillier day you could wear it under a t-shirt or vest with a pair of leggings. Throw a hoodie or jacket over the top for when travelling to and from the gym and voila, you have the perfect stylish yet functional fit.

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