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Modest Workout Clothes

51 Products

Stay confidently covered with our women’s modest workout clothes. Designed for performance thanks to sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics, our modest gym clothes offer you the coverage you need to feel ready to step up to the bar with confidence. Featuring oversized fits, design accents and easy to layer styles, this collection will have you ready to smash your next PB.

51 Products
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    Modest Workout Clothes

    Focus on nothing but performance with our range of modest workout clothes. Designed to offer you the level of coverage you need to be able to jump, squat and stride through your workout with confidence.

    Modest clothing isn’t a one size fits all, we know the level of coverage that makes you feel ready to slay your workout is personal, that’s why this collection features a range of easy to layer pieces so you can wear them your way. From long sleeves and high necks that sit perfectly under your clothes, to oversized fits and longer lengths that offer you coverage where you need it most.

    Working out in non-workout fabrics in favour of modesty is a thing of the past, as our collection of modest workout clothes are designed for performance. Whether that’s sweat-wicking fabrics for an intense HIIT sesh, stretchy fabrics that move with you from Balasana to Virabhadrasana, or stylish lifting ‘fits that make you feel like a boss. Carefully crafted designs and style accents mean you don’t need to sacrifice expressing your style with our modest gym clothes.

    Our sports hijab is designed to offer you a workout free from distraction. The adjustable elastic toggle offers you the perfect fit around your face, while the non-slip double rib stays fixed in place through every move. This sports hijab boasts features such as a curved hem that offers extra coverage by sitting just over the shoulders, so you can crush your workout knowing our sports hijabs have your back.