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Medium Support

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    Medium Impact Sports Bras

    Medium Support Sports Bras

    What is a medium support sports bra?

    A medium impact sports bra offers more support than a low impact sports bra, but less support than a high impact sports bra. A medium support sports bra is designed for less intense workouts, where some movement and bounce may be required, but not too much.

    When should I wear a medium support sports bra?

    A medium support sports bra keeps you secure during less rigorous workouts. They’re great for Pilates, strength training, power walking, cycling and light cardio. Medium impact sports bras are a great middle ground on the days you're not working to your absolute max and won’t be moving as much as you would on the days you really push yourself.

    If you have a larger bust, you may feel more comfortable wearing a medium support sports bra for lighter activities too.

    Can you run in a medium impact sports bra?

    Those with a smaller bust may feel that a medium support sports bra offers the right level of support for running. However, we would recommend a high impact sports bra instead as there will be lots of movement and bounce.

    What is the difference between medium support sports bras and other levels of support?

    The key differences between medium support sports bras and other levels of support lie in the design. Each level of support for our sports bras are designed to restrict movement for the activity you’re doing.

    Medium support sports bras have some compression features, will restrict some movement and will be a tighter fit. Low support ones will be a slightly looser fit and high support sports bras are a much tighter fit and will compress your breasts firmly in place for even the most intense workouts.

    Gymshark medium support sports bras

    Find a gorgeous colour, design or style to suit your training and your body shape. Enjoy cool, breathable fabrics, for maximum comfort and medium support.

    Styling a medium impact sports bra

    Styling a medium impact sports bra is so easy. Many of our medium support sports bras have matching leggings and make the perfect set. Throw on a hoodie or sweatshirt to layer up. Or, you can pair your medium support sports bra with some sweatpants for a cosier ‘fit.

    Check out our sports bra sizing guide for more info.

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