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7 Inch

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    Men’s 7 Inch Inseam Shorts

    7 Inch Shorts

    Explore our collection of 7 inch inseam shorts that are perfect for all kinds of workouts, from the gym to the running track, as well as those well-earned rest days. We have a range of different styles, fits, colors and materials to choose from.

    Our 7 inch inseam shorts also have a range of different features and technologies to support and push you through your workout. From draw-cord waists and stay-put waistbands to sweat-wicking, breathable materials and lightweight material builds, our 7 inch shorts are with you every step of the way.

    What are 7 inch shorts?

    Put simply, men’s 7 inch inseam shorts measure 7 inches from the inner thigh down the length of the fabric. 7 inch shorts usually fall just above the knee on most men by around 2-4 inches.

    Are 5 inch shorts or 7 inch shorts better?

    Slightly longer than our range of a href="" title="5" shorts">5" shorts, our 7 inch shorts are a great choice if you’re looking for a pair of shorts that aren’t too short and aren’t too long. They still allow freedom of movement whilst offering a little extra protection and coverage.

    Are 7 inch inseam shorts good for running?

    Generally, runners prefer a shorter length in their running shorts. However, for longer distances, or if conditions are likely to change, 7 inch inseam shorts can be just as comfortable as less of your leg will be exposed. 7 inch inseam shorts are also great for hitting the gym, CrossFit training, yoga and outdoor workouts.

    Are 7” shorts short?

    7 inch shorts are not short shorts. Short shorts are typically below 5” and even as short as 3 inches.