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Steven Cao

Steven Cao

Gymshark Ambassador

Gymshark Ambassador

  • Born:

    Golloway, New Jersey

  • Speciality:

    Men's physique competitor

  • Origins:


"Work hard at everything you do and success will take care of itself." Steven Cao


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My personal mantra- Work hard at everything you do and success will take care of itself.  

A person who inspires me- Conor McGregor. He has the mind-set of a champion. He inspires me because he started from the bottom and always believed in himself. It makes me think anything is possible if you put the maximum effort in to what you do. 

My favourite meal- My favourite meal during contest prep is chicken and rice. It sounds plain, but I enjoy it. My favourite cheat meal would have to be a sushi; I always get it during refeed days.  

In my gym bag, you will find… Weightlifting belt, Gymshark lifting straps, BCAA's, pre-workout and head phones.  

On my rest day, I… Catch up on my Netfilix shows, I am currently watching the walking dead and that show is epic. I also try to be active and get things done around the house.  

My motivation comes from… A drive to be the best I can possibly be. Motivating others to achieve their goals. Having an impact on someone else's life is the most valuable currency there is. I believe it is about giving back and helping others.