Robin Gallant

Robin Gallant

Gymshark Ambassador

Gymshark Ambassador

  • Born:

    Halifax, Canada

  • Speciality:

    Female fitness and strength training

  • Origins:


"Do what you love, even if that's not what others expect of you." Robin Gallant

I started my fitness journey while in university - I struggled with stacking extracurricular responsibilities on top of demanding science & engineering course loads. I neglected my physical and mental health, barely sleeping or eating so I would have more time for schoolwork. Over time this compounded into anxiety. For this first time I decided to take time off school to reprioritise. This is when I discovered fitness, and I've never looked back.

My personal mantra- Do what you love, even if that's not what others expect of you.  

A person who inspires me-  Public intellectual, neuroscientist and author Sam Harris. He is diversely knowledgeable - well informed in most fields of science, politics and spirituality/religion. He learns and speaks on subjects he's passionate about at the time. He's the only person who's been able to interest me in politics and global issues (I'm a science girl), and I'm happy to be less ignorant on those subjects. He's extremely insightful and ever-evolving. I love his books and podcast "Waking Up".   

My favourite meal- Healthy - at the moment grilled tuna salad melt sandwich with fruit salad on the side. Unhealthy - mozza sticks, peanut butter burger with sweet potato fries !

In my gym bag you will find… My pre-workout, water bottle, my phone & headphones! My gym is pretty well equip, so I can go minimal.   

On my rest day I… When I'm not thinking about the gym or fitness I like to read blogs or watch YouTube for fashion and interior design inspiration, which are both really big passions of mine.  

My motivation comes from.. . Within, but since starting fitness I've always had fav fitness instragrammers that I follow for physique inspiration and motivation!