Nick Cheadle

Nick Cheadle

Gymshark Ambassador

Gymshark Ambassador

  • Born:

    Sydney, Australia

  • Speciality:

    Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

  • Origins:

    Various sports

"Live more lift." Nick Cheadle

What got you in to fitness/sport? - I’ve been active all of my life & used to play a lot of cricket when I was younger. As I progressed through school, I began to take an interest in performance & how to go about improving it, mainly due to one of my classes at school. I found it really interesting. Coupled with what was probably a deep-seeded fear of never fitting in & constantly feeling as if I’d never be good enough to roll with the cool kids & have conversations with girls, I turned to bodybuilding.

My personal mantra - Live more lift. There’s more to life than training & dieting alone & if there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that looking the way you want to look is never going to be enough to truly satisfy or fulfil you. Focus on sustainability - life is an intricate puzzle that is never going to be truly complete without all of the pieces.

A person who inspires me - Steve Cook. I still have a screenshot of the selfie he took when he entered the Spokesmodel Search before anybody knew who he was. Originally, because I admired his physique, but more so now because of what he has achieved, the way he goes about his business & the opportunity I now have to call him a teammate. 

My favourite meal - Pizza. Without a doubt. Pepperoni ideally, but even the worst pizza is better than most other meals. Tough to fit into the macros when eaten out, so I’d run with a burger as a second choice.

In my bag you will find - Jaybird Headphones, ON BCAAs, a spare Gymshark Tee, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, Oly Lifting shoes, trigger point ball, camera & tripod.

On my rest day - I will stay as far away from the gym as possible. I used to be all about that #nodaysoff life, but in time I found it to be too consuming. Training 6-7 days a week tends to consume me. I have an addictive personality & find that other aspects of my life - important aspects like my relationships, career, business, friends & family, social life - tend to fall by the wayside when I spend so much time in the gym. So for me, rest days are important to restore balance & focus on things outside of the gym.

My motivation comes from - Wanting to be better. Challenging myself. Helping others achieve their true potential & become the best, most well-rounded versions of themselves.