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Lex Griffin

Lex Griffin

Gymshark Ambassador

Gymshark Ambassador

  • Born:


  • Speciality:

    Weight training and combat sports

  • Origins:

    Playing sport as a boy

"No one is immune from progression." Lex Griffin


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I have always been into exercising, before I even knew what it was! As a kid, I was riding my bike to the river, running the hills, playing every and any kind of sport offered to me. It wasn’t exercise to me then, it was just ‘fun’. At 15, I went to the gym for the first time, I was immediately hooked! I had always been a relatively skinny kid, so the possibility of getting bigger through weight training was fascinating to me, which meant it held my attention from the start. 

My personal mantra- No one is immune from progression.  

A person who inspires me-  My Mother. Who taught me to chase what I love, rather than what others thought I should.  

My favourite meal- Peking duck with pancakes.

In my gym bag, you will find… Bluetooth headphones, knee sleeves, wraps, boxing gloves, fruit pastels, spare T-shirt, squat shoes, three different bottles of partially drunk water, and an odd (very old) sock!  

On my rest day I… Edit YouTube episodes and Instagram. Make Plans for what may be ahead and watch a movie - I LOVE movies!  

My motivation comes from… Within. I simply have a desire to consistently be better, because I know I can!