David Laid

David Laid

Gymshark Ambassador

Gymshark Ambassador

  • Born:


  • Speciality:

    Powerlifting and bodybuilding

  • Origins:

    A desire to improve myself

"The only person to blame for your shortcomings is yourself." David Laid


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My personal mantra- The only person to blame for your shortcomings is yourself .         

A person who inspires me- Greg Plitt.        

My favourite meal- I don’t like food and have to work really hard to get my daily calories!        

In my gym bag you will find… belt, straps, knee sleeves, chalk, gatorade, water.        

On my rest day I… plan my training and nutrition for the week ahead, as well as any photo or video work I need to do.             

My motivation comes from... myself . My desire to improve keeps me pushing forward.