Chris Lavado

Chris Lavado

Gymshark Ambassador

Gymshark Ambassador

  • Born:

    Bay Area, California

  • Speciality:

    Natural bodybuilding

  • Origins:

    American football and fitness

"One life." Chris Lavado


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I was heading towards a path of morbid obesity... and in high school I said enough is enough. I tried out for my American football team.. got my ass beat in practice every day... learned the definition of discipline. I got my first gym membership that year and spent 7 days a week in the gym. Didn't know much (like most people when they start) but I knew my effort would amount to something. I restricted my food a bit.. ran for miles every day... and trained abs and biceps until I saw some definition. 

My passion grew stronger, and I became a personal trainer in 2006. I saw potential and decided to pursue natural bodybuilding soon after. I was able to spread my message through youtube very early on.. before Instagram existed and before most others were involved in this social media world of fitness. This is also the point where Gymshark was being created and reached out to me to join their family as a pioneer athlete for the movement. It has been an honour since day 1, and my family bond with the Gymshark crew has only grown tighter after all these years. But i digress ;)

My personal mantra-  One life. Srs .

A person who inspires me-  My man Ali. A loyal supporter from Germany who shared his story with me about how he lost his mother to cancer... and then in the same year his father and sister died in a fatal car accident. Ali has come out of this surreal situation as a stronger man on a mission to spread positivity and life appreciation. We can all learn a thing or two from Ali.

My favourite meal-  I love way too many foods to have a favorite. I am a serious foodie :) In my bag you will find-  Adidas Adipowers (olympic lifting shoes), gymshark straps, extra shirts, multiple pairs of headphones, chewing gum!

On my rest day-  I prefer to skate (longboard), eat some good food, watch NBA or NFL games (warriors & 49ers!), watch shows on netflix, and/or hang out with family/friends to play a board game or just chat it up for some good times. 

My motivation comes from- My motivation is always at its peak because I prioritize doing things I love. Nothing I do feels like a chore... or work. This is the true secret to a successful, genuine life ! :)